Credit: Andrea Goh

Christina Faraj

Hey there everyone!

I am CG Modeler& Set Dresser who loves creating environments that feel lived in, aged, or any range of emotions. I have a huge passion for life, and a fine eye for detail which shows through my work.

I have been working since I was 15 years old, and after 9 long years of dream chasing, my life this last year has become much less about work and much more about living and finding myself and inspiring others. I want to use the platform I have to keep people motivated to follow their dreams, which is what truly means the most to me. I am always looking for the next adventure that will open my heart and mind. I want my next project to come from a special place and I have some ideas for whats next. Stay tuned.

I moved from Brooklyn, New York all the way to California to begin a new incredible adventure of working at Pixar Animation Studios. Since then I have worked on Coco, which won the Oscar for Best Animated Film and Incredibles 2 which is now the highest grossing animated film of all time. 2 years ago I finished Co-Directing my very own short film, Unmasked which was nominated for a Student Emmy and graduated as Commencement Speaker of the BFA Class of 2016 at the School of Visual Arts. 

I thrive best when I am collaborating and have an extreme love for working with others. There is no greater feeling than when you are working with passionate people and achieving a goal. 

I am interested in working on and being apart of passion projects/short films, big or small.

Also here for any advice you may need on a whole range of things, please feel free to reach out about anything!

Send me an email or follow me on my journey through social media,

All social media; @christinafaraj